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  1. Optically thin outbursts of rotating neutron stars can not be spherical,
    Wielgus M., accepted in MNRAS (2019), arXiv:1907.11268.

  2. Universal Interferometric Signatures of a Black Hole's Photon Ring,
    Johnson, M. D., Lupsasca, A., Strominger, A., Wong, G. N., Hadar, S., Kapec, D., Narayan, R., Chael, A., Gammie, C. F., Galison, P., Palumbo, D. C. M., Doeleman, S. S., Blackburn, L., Wielgus, M., Pesce, D. W., Farah, J. R., & Moran, J. M., submitted to Science, arXiv:1907.04329.

  3. Atmospheric oscillations provide simultaneous measurement of neutron star mass and radius,
    Bollimpalli, D. A., Wielgus, M., Abarca, D., & Kluzniak, W., MNRAS, 1529, (2019), arXiv:1812.01299